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Looney Tunes

I’ve often struggled to find new music, perhaps you’ve had a similar dilemma. Allow me to introduce a few tunes.

Feel Good Tunes:

Phantogram – Don’t Move Fit for a stroll in the sunny city.


Blondefire – Where the Kids Are Youthful, and inspiring.


The Naked and Famous – Young Blood Might be my favorite song…of all time! Good for doing a backflip on your snowboard.



Tunes for getting in some sort of zone:

Metric – Help I’m Alive Not sure how to advertise this one. Kinda of like looking out the window. The intro and outro.



Florence and the Machine – Seven Devils Transcending. Like a revelation out of the darkness.



Tunes for Kickin’ it:

Santogold – I’m a Lady Catchy beat.



The Joy Formidable – The Leopard and the Lung Surfing. Bonfires. Whatever.



And finally, a shoutout to my friend’s band from Columbus, Ohio. Home of the Buckeyes.

Twenty One Pilots – Holding On To You Legitimate performers!


If you are facing adversity…

If and When…and Then

If the Magician were to reveal his tricks,

Would you go to the show?

If you could see into the future (you psychic, you)

Would you have a gander to see where it goes?

If someone told you that failure is on your horizon,

Would you really, honestly even try?

If you knew of the sadness to come,

Would you grab a tissue for the tear in your eye?

If you doubted the outcome which you so desired,

Would you challenge that doubt through pain?

If you were repeatedly burned by the fire,

Would you embrace the flames again?

If you must choose, right now, for better or worse,

Will you act rather than be still?

If you could see yourself at the end, in the hearse,

Would your fears suddenly seem less real?

It seems the result is a given.

Before you get there, the finish line is stubbornly hidden.

What drives your adrenaline towards the sky?

The reason you monotonously try,

Is precisely why the unforeseen conclusion leaves you dry.

It’s also the reason why you drive.

Not the how, but the why.

The motive for digging deep inside.

The sensation of feeling alive.

Defy the desire to hide.

Step onto the pandemonium ride.

When all that’s left is ashes, a fire will rise.

Then, away with the wind goes pride.

And the desire to live again comes alive.

What you have been missing,

What you have been questioning,

What you have been needing,

Is right where you left it: inside.

Now is a good time to strive.

Set fire to the hive.

The Affleck Outcry

After overcoming my own skepticism, I have decided to weigh in.
What The Affleck Outcry fails to address is the never-ending-story of Batman. Regardless of who plays Batman and how the film is received, by both critical film critiquers and fanatic fans alike, the legacy shall endure as long as filmmaking does. Ben Affleck is simply the newest addition to the infinite line of caped-crusading actors. Let’s see how it goes…afterall, why so serious??
My Batman

My Batman

Ain’t it the damn truth

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire will be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be the blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.

– J.R.R. Tolkien


Want to play sports in college?

Where: Virginia Beach, VA

Who: Dan Bain, 2-sport Athlete in Men’s Lacrosse and Football at The Ohio State University, 4-time Scholar-Athlete

Why: I experienced the pinnacle of NCAA Athletics. I want to help local high school athletes achieve their dreams of playing sports in college.

How: email me @ dtb.25@hotmail.com










Do You Have a Dream?

Have a Dream?

I have had the rare privilege to accomplish TWO dreams in my 22 year life. I will briefly detail how I did so, and what I believe it takes. (Pictures at the end).

My first dream: play Division 1 Lacrosse.

I decided in 8th grade that I wanted to become a Division 1 Lacrosse player. What did it take?

  1. A CLEAR and VIVID dream: Play Division 1 Lacrosse.
  2. Support: My parents fully backed my decision, and sacrificed greatly to send me to Cape Henry Collegiate School in Virginia Beach, VA. This allowed me to play organized high school lacrosse as the sport is not available in the 757 public high school systems.
  3. Training: I began to devote the majority of my time to training. I cannot tell you how many times I ran up and down local high school football stadiums in order to develop my overall running abilities. There were times when I would bike 5 or more miles to the nearest stadium, run at least 2 miles (up and down one side of the stadium, a lap around the track, and then up and down the other side of the stadium. Lather, rinse, repeat) then bike home. I cannot tell you how many times I would practice my stick skills by throwing the lacrosse ball against a wall, catching, and throwing again. I would not be surprised if I have thrown the lacrosse ball against a wall 1 million times (at least 6 days a week for 4 years). I also spent hours in the weight room. Between my freshman and senior years in high school, I went from weighing 180 lbs to 200 lbs. (Little did I know my time spent in the weight room would be far more beneficial in helping me achieve my second dream). Bottom line: I knew my goal, and spent nearly every day in high school training physically to achieve it.
  4. Goals: Writing down goals each year/season was a way for me to train for something tangible. I would jot down how many goals I wanted to score a season, and other statistics I wanted to attain. As I became eligible for the recruiting process (Junior Year) my goals began to elaborate which schools I wanted to visit. You cannot blindly chase after a major goal without stepping stones along the way.
  5. Camps: I hated lacrosse camps, for a variety of reasons. However, the necessity to gain exposure in front of college coaches was a must. These camps required financing from my parents, along with travel, and a certain intestinal fortitude. Trying to get recruited at one of these camps means exposing yourself to top high school competition, giving up summer vacation time, playing nothing but lacrosse for weeks at a time (in severe summer heat), and overcoming the fear of performing poorly in front of top coaches. Also, in order to perform at my best, I had to be in top shape, as summer heat conditions drained campers. You also have to get out of bed every morning, with hunger and drive.
  6. Mental Toughness: One of the most important mental traits I developed in high school was learning not to give a @#$! about what others think of me. You CANNOT listen to negative criticism that accompanies chasing after a lofty goal. It will eat away at you. I suffered from negativity my freshman season in high school, but learned to use negativity as fuel during my sophomore season.
  7. Finish: I almost missed my dream. A recruiting mishap brought me down into the depths my senior year in high school. After taking an official visit to Cornell University, I thought I had landed a Division 1 scholarship, only to be told my SAT scores were “borderline.” I thought all was lost. With the help of my parents, I was able to gain another official visit, to The Ohio State University. The rest is history. Don’t give up on something that you think about everyday!!!!

My second dream: make the Ohio State Football team.

Many of the steps involved in achieving my first dream were repeated in the tryout process for Ohio State Football. However, there were some differences.

  1. A CLEAR and VIVID (LOFTY) dream: Make the Ohio State Football team as a Linebacker. (I had not played high school football, however).
  2. Support: My parents continued to support me financially and emotionally through this process. I did have to work for additional financial support while training for the tryout. But the most crucial support I received was the advice from guys who had already done what I wanted to do. Talking to people who know the process of any dream you have is critical. I spoke with guys who had made the team before me, and knew exactly what to train for and what to expect.
  3. Training: I gained 15 pounds in the 6 months between the end of my lacrosse career and the football tryout to beef up for Linebacker. This required heavy commitment in the weight room. I also worked relentlessly on my speed and agility, all the while consulting guys on the team who had DONE it, and scouring YouTube for training advice. I remember working out one Saturday morning before a football game, and Ohio State’s “The Best Damn Band In The Land” was practicing for the game as I ran agility drills. This was excellent for motivation and visualization. I also worked for Fedex Ground during the 6 month period leading up to the tryout, so stretching and taking care of my body was key to balancing a manual labor job with football-specific training.
  4. Mental Toughness: With my lack of experience in football, the dream required all the more mental toughness. I almost had to re-learn how to not give a @#$! as to what others thought of me during the football tryout. (In a nutshell, the process begins in January with an NFL Combine style workout, followed by an email notification of your selection, followed by several weeks of winter conditioning with the team, followed by a second email inviting you to Spring practice, followed by 15 Spring practices, culminating in the annual Scarlet vs Gray team scrimmage in legendary Ohio Stadium, after which you find out if you have made the team). During Linebacker drills, all of which I had never done before, I had to get used to performing the drills at the end of the line, last out of 14 LBs. That’s a huge mental barrier to overcome in a variety of arenas: perform when everyone is watching. Also, I had to get used to the physicality of football: I had to learn to hit and tackle. That was the hardest part. Except for, maybe, watching hours of practice film with the LBs, during which I had no clue what exactly to watch on the film. My mental toughness was tested maybe more than ever during my two seasons on the football team.
  5. Finish: Finish every drill. Finish every repetition in the weight room. Finish every play. You learn to finish what you start, and must do so in order to achieve any dream. Andy Andrews, author of Best-Selling book “The Time Traveler’s Gift,” addressed our team before the 2011 season. He said something along the lines of “During the course of pursuing a goal/dream, there will come a time when you think it’s no longer possible to achieve the goal/dream. Get past that point.” …


While this summary is merely words on a page and does not capture what it really took to achieve these dreams I had, the outline of the ingredients to realizing my dreams is all here. I hope those of you reading this have dreams, and take courage to go after them!








Sophomore Year OSU Lacrosse







FIRST day of OSU Football Practice








Warming Up before Miami, 2010










Wearing the Scarlet and Gray

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When it’s 80 Degrees on March 1


Slurpee Time

Great Day for a Run


February Movies in Theatres

As I frequently take the time to go to the movies, I have decided to review some of the movies I have seen of late.

While the quality of a movie is subject to personal opinion, and should be seen first-hand in order to determine whether or not one approves of it, I am briefly summarizing my take on a few movies currently in theatres.

The Grey

I didn’t expect much heading into this movie, as I accompanied a friend to the theatre upon their request. I will admit I was hesitant, as I felt Liam Neeson’s performances in previous movies I have seen was rather corny at times. Neeson carries the bulk of the action movie’s plot on his shoulder’s leaving little room for co-stars to emerge. The plot revolves around a group of plane crash victims trying to escape a vicious fate of being eaten by a pack of territorial wolves. The movie ultimately addresses atheistic questions, and the movie’s ending leaves the audience guessing as to the fate of Neeson. I did read a movie review after seeing the movie, and discovered that there is a suggestive scene after the credits to assist in the audience’s guessing. I guess the audience has to guess that there will be a clue after the credits…

One for the Money

This one was a shocker. I expected a typical romantic-comedy with some cool action sequences. However, 30 minutes into the film, I left the theatre after a deliberation with my fellow movie-goer as to whether or not we should endure the entire movie. There was zero action, poor attempts at humor, and basically no promise of excitement or entertainment to come. So, we left the theatre, highly disappointed. This movie can wait until it’s available for rent.

Safe House

I went to see this movie as a result of boredom, as I had read multiple reviews saying the movie was not some of Denzel Washington’s best work. Seeing this movie is alone evidence to support my belief that one must go see a movie for themselves to decide if they enjoy it or not. I found Safe House to be action-packed, though at the same time intensive in its examination of the CIA. I say intensive because the movie was very intense. Multiple scenes cause the audience to consider the lifestyle of someone like a CIA agent, or a soldier, for whom killing is part of their job requirements. Some of the scenes provide an up-close perspective of Ryan Reynold’s (the movie’s star good guy) trying to stomach killing bad guys as he is new to the job. I was also hesitant to see the movie due to Ryan Reynold’s being cast in the same movie as Denzel. But, I left the theatre impressed with his performance. Very interesting, intense, and engaging movie.

This Means War

While this movie lived up to its romantic-comedy billing, it was highly unsatisfying overall. There is plenty of good action and character interaction, and even some decent romance. However, the movie’s take on dating is a very selfish one. Two co-worker CIA agents (played by Chris Pine and Tom Hardy) sacrifice their friendship over a seemingly desperate Reese Witherspoon. Witherspoon also exploits the two contestants for the prize of her love, dating both at the same time, all the while Pine and Hardy’s characters exploit their CIA tactics in attempt to woo her. Ultimately, the movie gives no real indicator for Witherspoon’s choice between the two smitten boys, and left me wondering what the heck made her decide the way she did.



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